The Rivet

This pattern, originally developed by Steve Kantner, is an excellent mullet imitation. I use this fly throughout the spring and fall for both trout and redfish. The Rivet is an excellent fly for working grass edges and around oyster bars. It lands softly and pushes a decent wake when retrieved. One of the key elements of this fly is it’s overall shape. The thick head and thin tail create a natural zig-zag pattern in the retrieve with proper technique, which can be deadly in the right conditions.

This is a fairly complex fly, but it’s worth the effort. It is constructed from marabou, wide hackle, mylar flash, flash brush, and deer hair. You can control the amount of buoyancy the fly has by how tightly you pack the deer hair. I tend to spin mine a little loose so that they float “in” the surface, rather than on the surface of the water.









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