Hollow Pogy

This pattern is a variation on Bob Popovics’s classic Hollow Fleye, tied to emulate the body profile of the pogy (a.k.a. menhaden or bunker). The pogy is plentiful in North Carolina’s nearshore and inshore waters and I use this pattern to target redfish, trout, spanish mackerel, and many other fish that feed on pogies in the summer and fall. The reverse-tied bucktail gives the fly a good profile in the water, yet it’s still easy to cast with lighter weight rods. I tie this pattern in varying sizes from #4 to #2/0, depending on the fish I’m after and the time of year.

This pattern is very simply constructed from contrasting shades of bucktail, mylar flash, and peacock herl. You can add your favorite eyes or leave it clean for toothy fish. I like to use mono thread for durability and I finish of with a coat of CCG Hydro.








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