Fur Gurgler

This pattern is a take off on Alex Boehm’s gurgler pattern. Its designed to push water while floating relatively low. When I tie this pattern, I use a Gamakatsu B10s hook which has a large hook gap. The combination of the way this fly floats with the large gap of the B10s generally results in solid hookups, even with the low slung mouth of a redfish. This an excellent topwater pattern and I’ve taken everything from Smallmouth Bass to Tarpon on the Fur Gurgler.

This fly is constructed with bunny strips, marabou, flash brush, and 2-6mm craft foam. I like thicker craft foam to help counteract the weight of waterlogged bunny strip and I use mono thread and a touch of CCG Hydro for durability. Add a mono post weed guard for fishing around structure or a double loop mono weed guard for fishing in grass.









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