Hollow Pogy

This pattern is a variation on Bob Popovics's classic Hollow Fleye, tied to emulate the body profile of the pogy (a.k.a. menhaden or bunker). The

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The Rivet

This pattern, originally developed by Steve Kantner, is an excellent mullet imitation. I use this fly throughout the spring and fall for both trout and

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EP Baitfish Fly

This fly is a great all purpose baitfish fly for trout, redfish, ladyfish, and any other fish you might target inshore or nearshore. Because of

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Fur Gurgler

This pattern is a take off on Alex Boehm’s gurgler pattern. Its designed to push water while floating relatively low. When I tie this pattern,

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Craft Fur Shrimp

This pattern is an adaptation of Tim Borski’s Butterfly. Its an excellent shallow water fly. It lands softly, is very easy to cast, and is

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Copperhead Crabbit

The Copperhead Crabbit is my go-to tailing redfish fly. It imitates the fiddler crabs that redfish feed on when they tail on flooded spartina flats

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